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Tanner K Williams is a young and fresh interdisciplinary artist and creative director working with whatever media each new project demands. Williams is very interested in using the ugly, the repulsive, the kitschy, the cheap, the neon, the metallic and the incandescent to illuminate current social issues, mental health, and sickness. His work aims to empower, enable and invite viewers to confront hard-to-grasp and difficult-to-swallow issues head on, therefore gaining the upper hand. Williams satirically contrasts the gaudy and the innocent with personal, heavy, human situation, and hopes to turn the yucky, cute. Most recently, Williams’ work has taken form as contemporary photo, video and performance work.



Interdisciplinary Artist/Creative Director/PHOTOGRAPHER

BFA Studio Art - Brigham Young University

Photo, Installation, Video, Performance, Printmaking, Sculpture, Sewing, Drawing

Art Direction/Production Design